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Attempt to draw my character Unna by Madvampire
Attempt to draw my character Unna
So....Me and my friend who goes by the name Limera here play this Pokemon tabletop RPG her fiance runs for us. She has draw many pictures of our characters and Pokemon so go check them out, here's an example:…

But anyway this is a poor first attempt to draw her. I don't have any stuff to color her at the moment, so go for my friends art to see how she looks like. I'm most likely to try draw her again someday, this was just a quick sketch after all.  

In the picture she has stole pile of her brothers clothes to do some farm work. She has also run away from any hairbrushes from sight.  She's a bit of a wild child you could say. She prefers fire type and nowadays fighting type too.  

I imagine her with out of control somewhat curly red hair, big usually smiling mouth, big hazel eyes and round face (well she is a child so...) 

Picture is taken within my phone. I promise if I get something more time consuming done I will try to use a friends scanner or something else haha. 

and oh, Unna is of course copyrighted for me since she is my character.
Quick sketchstuffsomething by Madvampire
Quick sketchstuffsomething
^ Pretty much what the title says. I wanted to post here something since its been some time haha. I wanted to post something that took more time/I was happy about but it seems quick sketches are all I do these days. I don't like to plan what I draw either and I feel my style just gets weirder with time. But this reminded me of like year 2007 or so, so I thought why not put it here since that was the last year I last did this haha oh god. (Plus when you manage to draw anything without ruining it you need to be proud, right?)

aaand I'm rambling. But not any story here, angels are cool and drawing wings is nice and angsty characters are nice and everything is nice and quality went kind of bad since the  photo is taken with my phone.  Oh, And the frames are made with my phones photo editor (whichs name I've forgotten) mainly so you don't see my table and I felt like it.
decided to activate this profile again for nostalgia and stalking reasons.

this site is so..........old and I was so angst. I will leave all my old "art" here still for laughs if not else. 

I'm not sure if I'll be posting any more art thought I feel they are private. I need to think about that but I will look  at my at-least little-bit newer art and maybe upload something here, but not sure with anything new-new. We'll see.
I'm rambling.  

but  yeah, stalking its nice.  
Hi! I'm thinking about coming back here and currently I'm editing this page (howdoesanythingworkgaah). I'm not sure if I will put anymore art here well see,  but be definitely stalking everyone, muhaha. 

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Im fine n-n little bit bored, i need to see my friends soon. How are you?
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